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It’s true. I’m Katherine Minett… and I sucked at sales. In my first job I had so much fear around selling that I struggled to pick up the phone and make calls.

And if I got an appointment, I was the "dumb dumb" who fumbled her words and was guilty of doing the verbal vomit.

Needless to say, I hated selling and quit my first job before I got fired!

I left the UK and moved to AUSTRALIA but I needed a job FAST.

So I ended up back in SALES!

THIS TIME I decided to teach myself how to sell, since neither of the companies I worked for taught me.

I realised that if I was going to have a career in sales, then I had to commit to learning everything there is to know about it.

I learned how to sell... so I didn't trip over my words or look like a stunned mullet when my prospect gave me a sales objection.

I learned how to manage my fears... so I wouldn't go red in the face and speak like a cartoon chipmunk.

AND THEN... within 18 months of arriving in Australia, I won Representative of the Year Award!!


  • I found a way through the challenge of finding clients.
  • I found a way through the complexities of the sales process.
  • I found a way through the paralysing fears.

NOW I help women in sales, women Just like you, who must sell face to face to make commissions and grow her business.

In my new 60-MINUTE SPECIAL MASTER CLASS I will show you my unique Sales Confidence Formula which got me to Rep of The Year not once, but 3 times, with 3 different multinational companies.

I've been in sales for over 30 years now and I've sold millions of dollars worth of business using my unique Sales Confidence Formula.

Now I want to share it with YOU!​

  • I want YOU: to have the same success in sales and business that I have enjoyed.
  • I want YOU: to win the awards and enjoy the impact that you can make when your help your clients
  • I want YOU: to have the freedom to enjoy the things in life that a successful and rewarding career in sales can give you.

It's your time to shine and if you allow me, I will show you EXACTLY how to do it.

Join me right now in my FREE Sales Training Masterclass, and discover exactly how you can use my Sales Confidence Formula to grow your sales in as little as 4 weeks.

You know how most webinars take too long, have no real content, just stories and testimonials, AND you find out at the end that you need to buy something in order to get the real promise?

Well, what I do is provide REAL SALES TRAINING without the fluff! It's a FREE  60 min class, where you can ask me questions, and I DO NOT sell you a thing!

If you've had enough of the sales struggle then click the button below and you get instant access to this FREE training.

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